Janelle Vione - vocals
Chris Caputo - vocals
Matt Brislawn - violin, mandolin
Jay Rofsky - guitar
Bill Strongin - piano/bass guitar
Scott Well - bodhrán/percussion

David McCormick (emeritus) - guitar/vocals

About the Band

"As a native of Dublin, growing up just minutes from the music mecca that is Temple Bar, I’ve heard my share of bands. ‘Craic In The Stone’ has captured the hearts of so many people in these parts, including yours truly. When I book this band to play I know we are guaranteed a great afternoon for our friends and customers here at Muldoon’s and all you need to do is sit back, close your eyes and we’re all back in Temple Bar.”Paul Murphy, Manager, Muldoon’s Irish Pub

Since breaking into the Celtic music scene in 2013, Craic in the Stone has quickly become the hottest new band of their genre in Southern California - selling out local venues with die-hard fans, better known as “Craic-Heads”. 

Talented lead vocalist Janelle Vione drives the melodies with her powerful, flexible, and emotive voice, and captivates audiences with her expressive performance. Chris Caputo’s ethereal harmonies alongside the lead tease the senses and give listeners goosebumps. Interwoven with the charisma of the leading ladies is the violin virtuosity of Matt Brislawn, all supported by a stellar rhythm section featuring the acoustic guitar mastery of Jay Rofsky; with Scotty McKay driving the beat on Bodhrán and percussion, and Bill Strongin creating a solid foundation on electric bass.

With four studio albums under their belt, their ever-expanding repertoire includes fresh covers of Irish traditional tunes, exciting originals, and rousing jigs and reels.

JANELLE VIONE: Vocals -- Janelle had the privilege of growing up in a large family that loves music. They made up the majority of the church choir/band, so singing together in six-part harmony was a regular occurrence. It wasn’t until Janelle was older that she learned it isn’t standard practice for families to burst into song whenever they gather. From makeshift, backyard concerts. local theaters, to the mainstage at a center for the performing arts, live performance has been a lifelong passion. She moved from Northern California to attend CSUF, where she received her BA in Theatre Arts. Being a musical person with a theatrical background (and a redhead) it only makes sense that Janelle was won over by the beauty, heartbreak and joy of Celtic music. When she’s not rocking out with Craic in the Stone, she’s either working at The Happiest Place on Earth or tending to her cat, Levin.


CHRIS CAPUTO: Vocals -- Chris’ musical journey began at four years old when she started singing in the church choir. Despite her parents repeatedly begging for some quiet, she hasn’t stopped singing a day since. Chris’ eclectic musical taste can be evidenced by the many different genres she has performed, from opera to metal, folk music to rock. Musical theater was her first passion and her Soprano voice has allowed her to play roles such as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and Cosette in Les Misérables. Growing up in a suburb of Washington, D.C., Chris has had the privilege of performing at world-class venues such as The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and The Arena Stage. With Irish, Scottish, and Welsh ancestry on both sides, Chris has fond memories of singing traditional Celtic tunes as a child, many of which are in the band’s repertoire. Chris also dabbles in guitar and is teaching herself to play the spoons.

MATT BRISLAWN: Violin, Mandolin -- Matt brings a long and richly varied musical pedigree to Craic in the Stone, starting with Classical violin at age nine, then mandolin, Classical guitar, and viola. This training led him to become concertmaster for orchestras, chamber groups, and string quartets in LA.  Eventually intending to be a literature professor, Matt earned a degree in English Lit. from UCLA and started his grad studies, but found his real joy in playing fiddle with many southland country and Irish bands, including the McGrath Bros., the Limericks, and the Whooligans. Matt still teaches all styles of violin, and brings his boundless energy and magnetism to the stage to the delight of audiences everywhere. To relax, he enjoys reading, writing, and doing crossword ink.