Agnieszka Borzuchowski - violin
Alana Fitzgerald - vocals
Fiona Murray - vocals
Jay Rofsky - guitar
Bill Strongin - piano/bass guitar
Scott Well - percussion/bodhrán/mandolin/guitar

David McCormick (emeritus) - guitar/vocals

Craic Group Pic

About the Band

"As a native of Dublin, growing up just minutes from the music mecca that is Temple Bar, I’ve heard my share of bands. ‘Craic In The Stone’ has captured the hearts of so many people in these parts, including yours truly. When I book this band to play I know we are guaranteed a great afternoon for our friends and customers here at Muldoon’s and all you need to do is sit back, close your eyes and we’re all back in Temple Bar.”Paul Murphy, Manager, Muldoon’s Irish Pub

Since breaking into the Celtic music scene in 2013, Craic in the Stone has quickly become the hottest new band of their genre in Southern California - selling out local venues with die hard fans, better known as “Craic-Heads”. Currently opening by request for the world famous Young Dubliners, CITS continues to wow audiences and talent buyers alike. 

Lead vocalist Alana Fitzgerald drives the sound with her powerful and expressive voice with sister Fiona Murray backing her up. Together they create the kind of magical harmonies that only sibling DNA can provide. Alongside their Dublin charisma is the violin virtuosity of Polish Princess, Agnieszka Borzukowski and the tight guitar work of Jay Rofsky. Riding the rhythm is Scotty McKay on percussion and mandolin with Bill Strongin playing tasty bass and keys. 

With three studio albums under their belt and the fourth in the works, their ever-expanding repertoire includes fresh covers of Irish traditional tunes, exciting originals, and rousing jigs and reels

AGNIESZKA BORZUCHOWSKI: Violin -- Agnieszka was born in Warsaw, Poland and has been playing the violin for 21 years. She was trained in Classical violin and is finishing her Master’s Degree in Violin Performance at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music where she held the position of Principle 2nd Violin and Concertmaster. She has been part of the Young People's Symphony Youth Orchestra, Berkeley Youth Orchestra, Oakland Youth Orchestra and the University Symphony Orchestra at CSU Long Beach. She has traveled with orchestras and played all over the world including Italy, Poland, Greece, China, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and South Korea.  Agnieszka teaches violin to people of all ages, at schools and privately, and is the conductor of the Long Beach Chamber Music Group. In addition to Craic in the Stone, she performs with the La Mirada Symphony, Plaza String Quartet, and contemporary violin with the Vicious Kinids.


ALANA FITZGERALD: Vocals -- Alana's mother, an Irish native, surrounded her children with her rich Irish heritage, encouraging them to be in touch with their ancestry from a very young age. Alana first took the stage at the tender age of 6, when she began singing and performing with the International Peace Choir as the representative of Ireland. She has appeared before highly regarded audiences, and has also had the honor of performing at the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games. After 13 years of performing and recording with IPC, she continued her music education at Long Beach City College, and received an Associates of the Arts Degree in Vocal Performance. Deciding not to pursue a classical vocal career, she signed to a label and began traveling with an unanticipated Ska-Punk band, exactly as her classical voice instructor had always envisioned. After a year of nearly continuous touring, she settled in Long Beach, CA where she continues to do professional studio work, and thoroughly enjoys invoking the Irish traditions of her ancestors with Craic in the Stone!

FIONA MURRAY: Vocals -- Growing up immersed in music and culture, it's no wonder that Fiona is drawn to the stage. Sisters with our very own Alana Fitzgerald (see above), she began singing in the International Peace Choir alongside her siblings when she was merely five years old. As their Irish mother had always encouraged them to sing, Fiona found that she couldn't get enough of it. She continued to sing and spread the word of peace through music with the choir for all of her eligible 13 years. Meanwhile, she busied herself with numerous other musical outlets. After performing in musicals, classical choirs, jazz groups, going on tours, and everything in between, Craic In The Stone has filled a new place in her heart. It felt only fitting to be able to share in the wonderful Celtic sounds of Craic in the Stone, where the call of her heritage is surely fulfilled!

JAY ROFSKY: Guitar -- Jay has fond childhood memories of singing and playing music at the piano next to his mother (his father is completely tone deaf, so Jay was off to a promising start). By age 10, Jay was listening to rock on vinyl, and by age 11, he had attended his first concert (Led Zeppelin). At 12, he got his first guitar and was hooked. Learning mostly by ear, Jay played along with his favorite records and never looked back. Though he may have slowed down while earning a doctorate degree and raising a family, Jay's love of music has motivated him to keep playing a variety of music with various bands. He has had the good fortune to play or share the stage with some serious talent, including Poncho Sanchez, Michael Paulo, and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies. Jay believes playing with Craic in he Stone is a wonderful opportunity to broaden his range through a unique style of music.

BILL STRONGIN:  Piano, Bass  -- Bill hails from Omaha, NE, widely recognized as the birthplace of Gerald Ford and one of America's top 20 drunkest cities. After graduating from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with a Masters Degree in Music, he began working in the theater, first as a music director (Sweeny Todd, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, And the World Goes Round, among others) and later as an actor specializing in British playboys and smarmy Southerners. He left for the sunnier shores of California in early 2001 and is now a Resident Artist of Chance Theater in Anaheim, where the band was first assembled. In 2010, Bill was nominated for a LADCC Award for his musical direction of Hair at the Chance, and has spent the last several summers as music director/pianist/conductor for Tustin's Broadway in the Park. His musical influences range from Chopin, Liszt, and Debussy to Frank, Dean, and Sammy to the Beatles, Stones, and beyond. Il adore voyager, surtout dans les pays celtes de la France; donc, si vous voulez écouter une belle chanson, c'est lui le mec !

SCOTT WELL, Esq.:  Percussion, Bodhrán, Guitar, Mandolin -- Scott picked up a guitar and bass in junior high, started playing honky tonk piano in pizza parlors at 13, and studied music in the Golden West College commercial music program, where he learned recording engineering in the 80's.  He is now in his fourth home built studio, and still loves fiddling with the knobs. He got a BA in radio/TV/film and had a thriving DJ career for a decade as "Scotty McKay" at local radio stations and clubs, then became a criminal lawyer (a guy has to make a living!). After studying jazz guitar and playing local gigs for 12 years, he ends up playing percussion in a Celtic folk band and having a ball.  Go figure.  The Scottish McKay side of his family, who can trace their roots back to the highlands from a line of Robert the Bruce, is proud.

DAVID MCCORMICK (emeritus):  Guitar, Vocals -- David was a proud veteran of the US Navy. He left the service to earn an MFA in theater from Arizona State University. After graduate school, he moved to Los Angeles to work in TV/Film until finding a home at Chance Theater as resident fight director and actor. Through it all, he played guitar and sang until some friends asked him to play with them for a fundraiser. The band had so much fun that they decided to stick together. Out of that, Craic in the Stone was born!

*David passed away in the fall of 2014 after a struggle with cancer, but he will continue to be a huge influence on the band. "Ever the warrior, ever the artist, ever in our hearts."

To see some pics and videos of Dave from his time with the band, please click here.