Craic in the Stone 2021 NEW LINEUP!

Like everyone, the band has felt the pain of this pandemic; and like many tenured bands, the sound matures, the personnel changes, and the focus becomes clearer. Craic in the Stone is proud and pleased to introduce our new lead vocalist, Janelle Vione, joined by harmony singer Chris Caputo, and fiddle master, Matt Brislawn. During this break in live shows, Craic has been busy in the studio - recording, writing, and preparing for live music in 2021! CRAIC IS BACK!

Craic in the Stone Lineup 2021

Scotty McKay – Bodhrán/Percussion
Matt Brislawn - Violin/Mandolin
Chris Caputo – Harmony Vocals 
Janelle Vione – Lead Vocals 
Jay Rofsky – Guitar/Vocals 
Bill Strongin – Bass/Vocals